The Church Hall

To hire the hall, please use our online booking system

Cost of Booking:

Weekends:  £50 per hour  

Monday to Friday from 6pm: £35 per hour.

Monday to Friday until 6pm: £30 per hour.

All event bookings also require the payment of a non-refundable fee of £15 which covers the checking of the hall at the end of the hire.

Securing the booking

All bookings require the payment of the full cost of the hire, plus the non-refundable checking fee of £15, within 28 days of receipt of the invoice in order to secure the booking. 

The hall will be checked at the end of the hire.

Please note that all rubbish must be taken home at the end of your booking.

For further information about the hall and bookings please contact our Hall Manager by e-mail at  Please note the frequently asked questions after the terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions of Hire

In hiring St Peter's Church Hall, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1.THE HIRER shall pay the balance of fees due and a £15 non-refundable checking fee) in full within 28 days of receipt of the invoice (which will be sent after the booking is made). The HIRER acknowledges that subject to clause 2 below the balance of fees are non-refundable after that date. 

2.If the HIRER wishes to cancel the booking, the PCC may at its absolute discretion refund the fees but shall be under no obligation to do so.  In the event of the PCC cancelling the booking or government regulations requiring the Hall to be closed, all fees all fees paid by the Hirer shall be refunded.

3.THE HIRER shall use St Peter’s Church Hall (the ‘Hall’) for the purpose agreed at the time of booking and for no other purpose.

4.THE HIRER shall, during the period of hiring, be responsible for supervision and security of the Hall, protection of the fabric and contents from damage, and the behaviour of all persons using the Hallincluding proper supervision of car parking arrangements (if any) so as to avoid obstruction of the highway and to avoid any parking on any other part of the church premises other than the driveway. No access is permitted to other parts of the church premises whether or not they are vacant during the Hiring.

5.THE HIRER shall be responsible for obtaining any local authority or other licences, permissions or consents necessary in connection with the hiring and using of the Hall, and to ascertain those (if any) already held by the PCC.

6.THE HIRER shall be responsible for making adequate arrangements to insure against any third party claims which may lay against the Hirer or his/her organisation whilst using the Hall.

7.THE HIRER shall be responsible for the observance of all regulations affecting the Hall imposed by the Licensing Justices, the Fire Authority and the Local Authority or otherwise.

8.THE HIRER recognizes that the Hall is situated in a residential area and thus will keep music and other noise to a reasonable level, and request that children’s entertainers, musicians, DJs and others do the same in order to respect our neighbours.

9.THE HIRER acknowledges that hire of the Hall does not include access to the garden area at the rear of the hall and that the rear patio doors must remain closed 

10.THE HIRER shall not sub-let or use the Hall for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way or do anything or bring into the Hall anything which may endanger the Hall, their users, or any insurance policies relating thereto.

11.THE HIRER shall indemnify the PCC in respect of the cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the Hall including the curtilage thereof or the contents of the building during, or as a result of, a booking and in respect of any liability to third parties or otherwise arising out of the use of the Hall pursuant to the booking.

12.THE HIRER shall be responsible for ensuring exits and fire exits are not obstructed during the occupation of the Hall, and that fire equipment is only used for its intended purpose.

13.THE HIRER shall leave all areas used clean swept and tidy at the end of each occupation of the Hall, put furniture back to its original place, and ensure that the kitchen is clean and tidy.

14.THE HIRER shall ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked, and lights and appliances turned off at the end of each occupation of the Hall.

15.THE HIRER when using the kitchen, shall ensure the kitchen and all appliances (turned off where appropriate), furniture fittings and utensils are left in a tidy and clean condition.

16.The hiring includes the use of the drive for carparking (insofar as space is available), but the PCC will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused when using the drive.

17.The PCC accepts no responsibility for any property left on or in the Hall during or after the hiring.

18.No alterations are to be made to the existing electrical installation and no additional lights or extension leads or additional heating appliances shall be used without prior permission of the PCC.

19.No bolts, tacks, nails, screws, or other like such objects shall be driven into any part of the Hall, and no posters, banners or materials shall be fixed to the interior or exterior of the Hall.

20.No Hirer shall be under the age of eighteen, and the Hirer shall ensure that all those under the age of eighteen shall be supervised appropriately and the Hirer agrees to be responsible for them at all time. No one under the age of 16 should enter the kitchen at any time.

21.The hire of the Hall does not entitle the Hirer to use or enter the Hall at any time other than during the specified hours.

22.THE HIRER shall, if selling goods on the Hall, comply with all relevant fair trading laws and any local code of practice issued in connection with such sales.

23.THE HIRER acknowledges that no tenancy is intended to be created between the PCC and the Hirer and no relationship of landlord and tenant exists between them,

24.THE HIRER is reminded that they are responsible for any accident or injury arising out of the activity for which they have hired the Hall.  It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the Hall is safe for the purpose for which they intend to use them.  THE HIRER must, in the event of an accident, complete the accident book located in the kitchen.

25.The PCC of St. Peter’s, Grange Park, regards the safe care and protection of children and vulnerable adults as of the utmost importance.  Groups that hire or use church premises including St Peter’s Church Hall are expected to share this concern and make appropriate provision for the protection of children and vulnerable adults within their care. 

In confirming the booking THE HIRER agrees to abide by the PCC Safeguarding Policy on the St Peter's Grange Park website and agrees that all concerns relating to abuse of vulnerable groups will be reported to the relevant statutory authority.

26. Covid-19: 

-The Hirer recognizes that the Hall will not be deep cleaned before use and therefore the Hirer is responsible for making the Hall ‘Covid secure’ which includes, but is not limited to, cleaning touchable surfaces and ensuring the sanitization of hands. 

-Furthermore, the Hirer will ensure no one with Covid-19 symptoms enters the Hall, to enforce social distancing where necessary, and keep ‘test and trace’ records (and inform the PCC if one of the users subsequently tests positive for Covid-19). 

-The Hirer further agrees that the PCC is not in any way responsible, and accepts no liability, for the Hall not being ‘Covid secure’.

Frequently asked questions

1. How big is the hall ?

42’ x 26’ ie 1,000 square feet. “ Mid Size “

2. How many tables and chairs ?

18 large tables  ( approx. 6’ x 2’6” ea ) and 120 chairs.  

100 guests can be comfortably seated. 

3. How much does it cost to hire ?

Weekends   £50 per hour  

Monday to Friday from 6pm £35 per hour.

Monday to Friday until 6pm £30 per hour.

Please note that these costs include heating, lighting, insurance, use of furniture etc.

There is a non-refundable checking fee of £15, also due at the time of booking.

4. When and how do I pay ?

We will email an invoice to you which should be paid on receipt. 

Payment can be made by bank transfer to    a/c 30079421  sort code 20-29-77

5. What is the full address of the hall ?

St Peter’s Church Hall, Vera Avenue, Grange Park, N21 1DN

6. Does the hall have wifi ?

Yes - the network password is on notice board

7. Can we use the outside space ?

No. The fire doors at the rear of the hall are permanently closed and should only be opened in an emergency.

8. Rubbish Clearance ?

The hall should be left clean and tidy. All rubbish should be taken home at the end of the booking.

9. What time does the hall open and close ?

Monday to Saturday   9.00 am to 10.00 pm

Sunday      12.30pm to 6.00 pm

10. How will I get into the hall ?

Access is via a security code number, which will be emailed to you before your booking.

11. What are the parking arrangements ?

Off street parking, for approximately 8 cars is available on the driveway to the hall. Restrictions apply between 10am and 11am on weekdays only for parking on the roads outside the hall.